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This is a space for scientists to tell their honest and authentic stories about their journey into science, the highs and lows they have faced or currently face during their careers in science, their hobbies and topics they would like to talk about in a public space with honesty to maintain authenticity.

The first episode of this podcast was a rant by Sarah Nyakeri, the host and producer of the podcast, who at the time was conducting her research and had a tough moment and shared it vulnerably on the podcast. Since there over 50 scientists have come into the podcasts and shared their stories. This episode was recorded and published on 1st December 2021, a weekday at 7 pm. Since then, there has been an episode every weekday about at 7 pm.

The podcast structure is interview-based, informal and relaxed and mostly long-form episodes. One guest covers 1-7 episodes depending on the topics and the length of the conversation. If you would like to share your story, Choose a time that works for you here:

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This GitHub repository makes the Downloads data easy to access. When the podcast started, It was being hosted on Buzzsprout. After a while, Sarah thought that it won’t be sustainable and the platform would delete the episodes if she doesn’t pay for the hosting. At the end of March 2022, she moved the podcast to anchor, a free hosting platform but it didn’t give her all the things she needed. Only after a few weeks, she moved to Acast, back to anchor then finally settled for acast on Mid April 2022. This explains why the data is scattered.

By 1445 hours, +3 GMT on 23rd November, the podcast has 9986 downloads across all podcast platforms and 962 views on Youtube. If you would like to support this show: or MPESA 07188896962 (Sarah Nyakeri).

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