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Out of the Booth Podcast | TODAY’S PODCAST IS? The Vulnerable Scientist

Out of the Booth Podcast | TODAY’S PODCAST IS? The Vulnerable Scientist

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Written by Eugene Kimani, host of Out The Booth podcast.

vulnerability fosters good emotions and mental health. vulnerability also is a sign of courage SARAH NYAKERI, THE VULNERABLE SCIENTIST.

What does it take for you to be vulnerable? Are you comfortable with letting go and letting others in? What does vulnerable mean to you?

In today’s podcast scene, we rarely meet professionals from technical jobs that are actively involved in sharing their stories without having an emergency or trending topic that prompts their input. That notion is what this podcast fights.

The Vulnerable Scientist is a Kenyan podcast that features scientists from various disciplines as they share the stories of how they for to where they are, what their tasks involve, what it takes to be in their profession and advice they would share with other interested parties. It is hosted by Sarah Nyanchera Nyakeri, a decorated multidisciplinary individual. The podcast takes on an interview/conversational tone with the featured guest taking up most of the time. One thing you will love about this show is how human the guests sound.

Now before you judge, everyone has their own idea of a scientist and people involved in the more technical aspects of society. Personally, the mental image that I had involved a lab coat, a pair of reading glasses and an ever sober tone when they speak. This is the podcast that changed all of that. As soon as you start listening in you hear the humour, the struggle, the casual-easy going attitude and most of all you get to learn about science without the jargon.

The Vulnerable Scientist is a Kenyan podcast that focuses on stories with other scientists about their daily lives, their work and how they got to where they are.

The podcast is targeted toward a young audience that is interested in science as a career option. In it, you find interviews with biochemists, bioinformaticians, academics, and a myriad of other individuals who not only studied the sciences but also practice them. Often the episodes are released in a series with some having 2 parts and others having more.

Each episode takes about 25–35 minutes for the series or it could take a whole hour and more for a compact episode. The guests too are mostly Kenyans but you’ll find out that most of them found greener pastures in different lands. You can listen to the podcast directly from their website or check it out on your podcast streaming platform of choice.

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