The Vulnerable Scientist Podcast

Scientists sharing their science career stories based on honesty and authenticity

Humanizing Scientists with

The Vulnerable Scientist Podcast

Scientists sharing their science career stories based on honesty and authenticity. Professor Brene Brown’s research shows that vulnerability fosters good emotional and mental health.

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Apart from Podcasts, What else?



Do you want a space you can just be listened and solutions offered at a fee? Book an unrecorded conversation with Sarah Nyakeri


This is made possible by the guests who have books or who suggest books to read. They also suggests podcasts, youtube channels and other stuff they would like to share for listeners to know about.

Content Writing

I write moslty ‘sciency’ content and recently enjoy doing transcriptions

Graphic Design

Either Presentations, Logos, Merchandise containing the The Vulnerable Scientist Branding such as shirts, hoodies, stickers, profiles (animated), cups, etc.

Web Development

I am pretty basic website designer, not like the crazy type. If you would like help in that, I can help at a price, Of cause…Experience in Wordpress

Social Media

I have helped scientists, small businesses and social enterprises to establish social media pages. I enjoy that part, only…the posting is annoying but I know how to hack that.

What the most common questions asked?

Questions asked

Scientists talk about their journey into science explaining their experiences in details together with the highs and lows and hobbies

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Vulnerable Scientists

Scientists from all levels in their career path and all branches of sciences

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